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“Get Connected to the Worldwide Online Poker and Casino Gaming Directory”

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Choose from Homepage & Category Ad’s and FRONT Page Banner Ad’s with a Description and Written Reviews!

Poker Connection is a Network of Connected Affiliated Websites that offers a Worldwide Online Poker and Casino Gaming Directory for poker rooms, casinos, sportsbooks, bingo, slots, racing.

We feature news and articles in addition to our online shopping mall.
Reasons to Advertise with Us

Lowest Prices: Our main competitor’s ad rates are 2 To 3 X greater for the same size ad space and because we are currently a Network of 32 Connected Affiliate Websites, you get 32 X “more bang for your buck”.

Greater Variety of Ad Space: With the Poker Connection NETWORK of Connected Affiliated Websites, you are guaranteed that your ad will appear currently on 32 Websites today, and all future sites to be added. When you purchase 1 ad on our homepage, you actually get advertising exposure on 32 Homepages, across our entire network, and all sites that may come on stream in the future, at no additional charge to you for the full term of your paid advertising contract with us.

You are also listed as a sponsor on which is a shared information website for “Special Needs Children” and enjoy free positive exposure and free links privileges with the dolphins and the kids.

Poker Connection Network of Connected Affiliated Websites: In addition to, our primary Website, the Network consists of the following sites:

Worldwide Exposure: Affiliated with more than 300 Casinos, Poker rooms, Sportsbooks, Racing, Bingo, and Shopping Websites. Poker Connection provides a fully categorized directory, making it user friendly internationally and accessible Worldwide.

Homepage 468x60 and 120x600 Banner Advertising

Homepage & Category Banner Advertising Rates & Specs
Poker Connection offers a variety of advertising options.
See charts below for full details and prices.
6 Months
12 Months
Your Banner Ad displayed across the board on the “Homepage” of ALL the Poker Connection Network of Connected Affiliate Websites
Any 1 Category
Your Ad displayed on the Main Category you choose, displayed across the board on the Poker Connection Network
Homepage Plus 1 Category
Your Banner Ad displayed on the “Homepage” AND 1 Category of ALL the Poker Connection Network of Connected Websites
Homepage & All 8 Categories
Your Banner Ad displayed on the “Homepage” and all 8 categories across the board of the Poker Connection Network of Connected Affiliate Websites.--- OUR BEST VALUE
Due to a much projected multitude of new websites continually being added to the Poker Connection Network that will provide us with additional advertising space, we cannot forward contract ad prices for more than a year.
# Ads
Web Pages
Total Pages
Poker Rooms 1st Category
Casinos 2nd Category
Sports Books 3rd Category
Online Bingo 4th Category
Shopping 5th Category
Links 6th Category
Inner Circle News 7th Category
Forum 8th Category
Homepage & All 8 Categories
Steady and Increasing Traffic: Poker Connection has a steady and loyal following of poker players and gamblers, and an ever increasing player membership base.

We are listed with the major search engines and maintain a good Google Page Ranking.

We are monitored and certified by Alexa™ Traffic Ranking utility. We are currently ranked in the top 100,000 sites worldwide!
  • Each “Main Category”, will host a minimum of 6 ads (1 per page), with the exception of the Forum which hosts 5 ads (1 per page).

  • These are striking positions to place your ads. Each category of Poker Rooms; Casinos; Sports Books; Online Bingo, Shopping, Links, and Inner Circle News all have 6 pages (1 per page) where your ad will appear. Our Forum’s page can host 5 ads, since it has 5 pages (1 per page).

  • When you opt to purchase a Banner Ad on all homepage/category areas, you are exposing your Ad to a total of 1,200 pages with the current 32 websites of Poker Connection’s Network of Connected Affiliated Websites.

  • This works out to LESS THAN 7 CENTS per ad, per month. This converts to even less when additional new sites come on stream and your ads will appear there FREE of charge for the duration of your advertising contract with us.

  • Your SAME position advertisements will be added FREE of charge across the board, to every new Network site coming on stream which will LOCK IN your cost of advertising, and LOCK IN additional FREE exposure on ALL new websites to come.

  • ALSO, when you lock-up a front page banner position, we guaranty you FIRST RIGHT OF REFUSAL to again occupy that front page position at the time of expiration and renewal.

  • These front page positions are LIMITED and will sell out quickly. The 1 year guaranteed term and position package, is by far your best value as we expect our paid advertising rates to more than double every 6 months, EVEN IF WE KEEP OUR RATES PER SITE THE SAME, due to the new additional websites multiplying the number of total ads viewable across the entire Poker Connection Network.

Banner Ad Specifications
  • Banners are limited to 2 sizes in .GIF or .JPG or .PNG format
  • Homepage & Category banners are 120 x 60
  • Banners can be animated or static
  • Front Page banners are 468 x 60
Listing Fees for Affiliate Banner Ad’s
The Poker Connection Network is nearly full to capacity and in order for us to accept new Affiliate Partnerships and display their Affiliates Banner Ad’s on our Network; there is now a ONE-TIME Listing Fee of $10 per URL of our Poker Connection NETWORK of Affiliated Websites. Your Ad will be placed in order of acceptance.

(Read below about how you can get to the “front of the line” with your Affiliate Banner Ad)

If you would like us to Affiliate with you, and your site is approved and accepted, your Affiliate Banner Ad will appear on all our 32 existing Network URLs, and ALL our new sites to come.

The one-time listing fee is currently $250.00, which translates into $10 per each of our existing 32 websites. No additional fee later, for all our new sites coming on stream. If you have more than one Website you would like to advertise within our entire Network of Affiliated Websites, multiple site discounts apply, provided you are approved.

Contact us for more information at

“Front of the Line” FRONT Page Category Banner Ad’s
Get to the FRONT of the line with a FRONT Page Banner POSITION. Remember, “Location, Location, Location”, so move up to where the traffic can find you readily.

Moving your banner to the FRONT PAGE of any category puts it only 1-CLICK-AWAY from the Home Page. This is where ALL THE ACTION is, and where you want to be for HIGH VISIBILITY and FAST CONVERSIONS.

Simply obtain 1 new player from this front spot, and your ad pays for itself. The rest are all gravy, it’s only common sense.
6 Months
12 Months
1 Category
Example: Poker Rooms
2 Categories
Example: Poker Rooms & Casinos

For more categories or multiple sites, contact us at

Get a “favorable” review similar to the one written for Pacific Poker which can be seen on our “Inner Circle News” by going to this link: CircleReviews.php these reviews are available for $995.00 per review, per site.

In addition to advertising your review on the entire Poker Connection Network, you can publish your review, and direct your clients to where they can read “all about it“.

When Poker Connection writes a review, we play with our real money at your site, all the while assessing and rating the site for many attributes such as its game play, software, tournaments, tech support, games offered, game play, promotions, action, and easy cash outs.

NEW! Homepage Banner Ad & Description

Example of a Frontpage Banner Ad on 4 sites
Remember you get all sites in the © Poker Connection Network

Homepage Banner Ads with your text description or latest promotion are placed within the body of the Front/Homepage of the entire Poker Connection Network.

Advertise with ONE Front/Homepage banner ad and receive advertising exposure on our current 32 Websites for $600 for 6 months and $1,000 for 12 months.
Payment Details
All payments to Poker Connection Network © are in U.S. funds payable through Moneybookers.

For account information please contact us at

Note: Advertisements for non-affiliated sites are available at additional cost.
All fees are subject to any applicable local taxes.

Our Marketing Team
Devin Scannura
Devin Scannura
Director of Marketing
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Lia Da Riva
Lia Da Riva
Advertising Manager
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